2nd September 2018

By | October 8, 2018

Weekend Update
Well arnt we the lucky ones to have a fantastic weekend weather wise and that means lots of flying .First things first great to see John Hunt has joined again this year lets hope to see a little more of him.With the sun out the helis also came out with Rich,Trev,Paul and myself all making the best of the the no wind and sunshine.The planes also hit the sky with Chris M (sorry missed you again Chris) Jeff,Trev and myself all loving the blue sky.
Now dont want to drag on too much but the racing drones are having a big effect with the FPV. Some great flying from Gareth,Rich,Jeff,Paul,Craig and myself seems everyone now getting the hang of it with the new racing corse set out today things even got better and more entertainning great fun and lots of laughs great weekend.Now wasnt going to mention this but he did threaten me and bully me into it ha ha Craig today took a new height record with the small racing drone cant remember the height but he was very pleased am sure Craig will fill in the details.Have a good week all new upgrades arrive for Rich this week gonna be intresting!!!!