11th November 18

By | December 4, 2018

Sunday Update
Well the weather and time of year certainly taking a hit on the members showing for a fly,but for those who did what a treat.Now on Saturday i set a new record for distance around the field by crossing over the gate just by the Dog Centre this was promptly beaten by Craig who flew another 20 meters or so down the road now i thought that was about the limit!!! Nope cos Mr Trevor Cook had other ideas and promptly said yep im up for that so with 3 of us watching in the goggles off he went.Well lets just say had we not stopped him he was up for doing a lap of the field down the other side road on the opposite side of the flying field was amazing to watch,next up was Gareth and he didn’t like the puddles so opted for a long field crossing and proved he did have some balls after all(Anne Burnett) said he hadn’t lol well Rich ,Gareth is now level with you he flew right out to the gun club and was gonna go further but got scared what a pussy lol again was great to watch and was very windy.Paul was having a good time until his drone just dropped out of the sky no reason??? caught a virus from Trevs one ha ha.Now i always like a challenge and decided about time I did the long run to the gate and back without backing out and yep i did it and omg that gate is a bloody long way away, down side is lost picture on the return by the slurry tanks boo hoo. We are now thinking for someone like me in training pants might be better with the Ariel pointing straight up and not out the back does anyone know do we need an adapter or do u just take apart and move the mount answers please and volunteers for the job pmsl oh and i did have a fly over the white house fence and tried to fly in the new barn but the metalwork seems to interfere to much with signal.A little bird told me Jeff has his Taranis ordered at last so you better all watch out,got lots of flying on my sd card but cant get it off as my computer not even reconising it just keeps saying insert sd card bloody tech.great flying great fun have a good week all.