18th November 18

By | December 4, 2018

Weekend Update
Well with the wind blowing a gale and the sun low in the sky what else are you supposed to fly seems all about the drone fpv at mo so wont boar you all too much,although we have made some major progress first Paul has sorted his drone at last great news and a very good first test fly.Next we seem to have cleared the bleed over problem as Rich, Trev, Gareth,Craig and me all flew against each other although poor Gareth pooed his pants and crashed when we returned home he blames bleed over we blame poor pilot pmsl. Took all his bits home to have a cry over cremation is set for next week lol. Rich was filming again so will wait for results,if weather stays dry we will try and get one more cut on the flying strip but no promises,i will collect some more red diesel for the generator later in the week.Have a great week all stay warm.