25th November 18

By | December 4, 2018

Weekend Update
Im knackered playing fetch with Trevor Cook s drone wish the bloody thing was a boomerang. Ok so the wind was blowing but some great FPV all round even that part time member Jeff Ankin had an amazing first fpv flight with his new goggles as the you tube footage showed sham about loss of video signal for so long but was an amazing save from that height.Big thanks to Paul for cutting the strip last one for this year looks good out there not sure who bought the cakes cos Trev ate them all ha ha.Gareth was having a better day with yet another toy drone and his repaired crashed one.Paul seems to have fixed his drone and was keeping up with the pack on our fly out,Nice to see Gillian Matthews and Sam and Paul out for breakfast cos better than looking at Craigs ugly mugg across the table lol cheers again for breakfast my turn next time but not letting Sam loose with my card pmsl. Work commitments next Saturday so probably wont make it have a good week all.