4Th November 18

By | December 4, 2018

Weekend Update
Well we moaned about how hot it was now we moaning how cold it is lol man up the lot of you ha ha its gonna be cold you standing in an open field in the middle of nowwhere ha ha.
Well the weather didnt stop some fantastic FPV flying on Sunday with the latest thing to try is a pursuit challenge cant wait to see the results of me and Rich.Jeff really coming out now with more FPV flights than line of sight can see that new transmitter on its way already.Trevor Cook you were missed on Sunday as know you always up for a challenge ha ha. Amazing flight from Rich getting all the way to the Gun club sight in the next field,While Gareth was playing bird chasing in the next field only feathered kind im afraid.Paul, Craig now both in hot pursuit and can only get better when we get the channel thing sorted.Remember dress likes its middle of winter and you wont go wrong or if you a pussy stay at home ha ha.
Big thanks to all who turn up to fly it really is a great laugh and a welcome break from work life all week and even better when Gareth brings the donuts top man 10 out of 10 just need to get him to make more tea and coffee. Have a good week all