21st October

By | December 4, 2018

Weekend Update
Ok short and sweet fantastic weather this weekend but cant report much as wasnt there Saturday,however Sunday saw so great flying once the fog cleared with helis, drones and planes all flying in the blue sky, big well done to Trevor Cook for having some great follow my leader FPV style and for Jeff for being brave enough to try and follow me and film at same time nearly had another head on ooops wasnt my fault honest,
Few reminders keep an eye on the weather everyone and please fill the water bottles if it looks like its going to freeze no water no coffee!!
Also as no one else has taken the rubbish bag for last few months please where possible take your rubbish home ive taken the last two but dont always have room in my bins everyone help out please.
Also i know few of us are guilty but if you have a bad lipo by all means leave it there a week but then please remove and get rid off notice a few lying around now not good dont want any trouble about us leaving our model rubbish lying around ok moan over have a great week all.