27th August 2018

By | October 8, 2018

Weekend Update
Long weekend means lots of flying shame weather had a say in it but 2 days out of 3 not bad.
Ok by popular demand i bought the cake and it all got eaten by Gareth so he best bring some next week lol.
Lots of flying with lots of toys but mainly the racing drones due to sky and conditions.Top marks for entertainment value and laughs, well done to Rich and Gareth for managing to fly under the gate now that takes some doing but bad luck to Gareth for finding the hole in the trailer and falling through it still he needed the walk after al that cake.Great Surprise visit from old member Mark  who paid us a visit and soon got to grips with the drone flying ha ha careful Mark the bug might bite you again.
Have been told that nearly all members have now paid there subs if you havent dig deep and pay up or we send the boys round.Well done to Trev, Rich and Gareth who all braved the crap sky with there helis and Jeff for showing me how slow a Crossfire could fly keep up Jeff .Thanks to all who had the patients to do the mods on my drone and all members for giving us some great laughs this weekend.Thanks to Craig for breakfast incase i forgot my manners and Jeff for the memory card, Paul for doing the soldering on Saturday great weekend oh Rich 4s batterys ordered and on way ha ha have a good short week all.